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Some brief advice on CVs and preparing for interviews is given below. More extensive advice, should you need it, is readily available in the press, in books and on the internet.

Preparing a CV - More CV advice here

• It should be simple and easy to read
• Focus on the key points- leave the detail for the interview
• Keep it short, the CV should be not more than two pages if possible
• Make sure the information in the CV is relevant to the interview
• List your latest job first
• Use positive language in preparing your CV and stress your achievements
• Be honest
• Give useful contact details, such as address, phone numbers (work, home, mobile) and e-mail address.

Preparing for the interview

• Research the company. Read the press, look at the Company web site, use a search engine to check any references to it on the web.
• If you will be based at a particular unit or location, then try to visit it prior to the interview.
• Think of questions you might be asked and how you might answer them
• Prepare questions to ask at the interview.
• Think about what to wear, if in doubt dress more formally than casually.
• Whatever you decide to wear, look smart and well presented
• Make sure you know where the interview is, who you are meeting and how you are going to get there
• Leave plenty of time to get to the interview

At the interview

• Try to be as relaxed and confident as possible
• Be friendly, positive and honest
• Think about the questions before answering
• Give clear, concise answers- don’t waffle

Sample interview questions you may be asked

• What attracted you to this position?
• Why are you leaving your present job?
• Why were you in your previous job for such a short/long time?
• What were your major achievements in your last job?
• What do you look for in a manager?
• What are your greatest strengths/weaknesses?
• How do you motivate people?
• What would your colleagues say about you?
• What was your biggest mistake?
• Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

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